Unicorn Gundam "Gundam UC", Bandai PG

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After years of rumors, the Unicorn Gundam actually ended up being real! This fully transformable Perfect Grade will shatter your expectations in every way. The kit will feature magnetic materials in the antenna for perfect alignment in Unicorn Mode. Improved articulation in the knees and elbows over previous designs will also make sure this is the perfect Unicorn kit! On top of everything else, the armor pieces are undergated, allowing for perfect nub-free removal from the runners!

Aside from the gimmicks, the kit will come with the entire Unicorn arsenal: the Beam Magnum (with extra magazine), shield, 2 beam Gatling guns, 2 beam sabers, and the Hyper Bazooka will all be included along with a display base to hang them on! This is the ultimate kit for any Unicorn or Gundam fan!


  • The transformation from “Unicorn Mode” to “Destroy Mode” including the opening of the face guard can be perfectly recreated.
  • The entire red Psycho Frame is made with a unique light-focusing resin.
  • A magnet is inserted in the Blade Antenna, which can be opened and closed during the transformation, in order to keep the antenna beautifully in Unicorn Mode. The interior of the antenna, which is exposed in Destroy Mode, is gold.
  • The range of movement of the elbows and knees is broadened to the utmost limit, without damaging its appearance.
  • Includes a lot of weapons such as a Beam Magnum, a Hyper Bazooka and Beam Gatling Guns.
  • The Beam Gatling Guns can be combined with the Shield and worn on its leg.
  • A display stand is included to allow a wide range of weaponry to be displayed together with the Mobile Suit. Set the MS on the pillar of the stand and enjoy its dynamic poses which are special and unique to 1/60 scale.
  • Figures of Banagher Links, standing and sitting, are included.
  • Original marking stickers for the kit are included.
  • Psycho Frame emits UV lights by incorporating the LED Unit for PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, sold separately.
  • Runner 47, Slide mark x1, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1