Startech Starters



60 years ago Vern Estes released the first commercially available model rocket motors. With it, came the Estes Starters that we all know and love. They’ve fueled the hobby for decades, and are responsible for more safe model rocket launches than any starter in history. When it came time to update this technology, they wanted to stay true to the simple design that made the Estes starters and motors a legendary combination, they just wanted to kick it up a notch! The new StarTech starters stay true to the design of the original, with one key addition. The small nichrome wire, the one that heats the propellant at launch, has been dipped in a specially crafted chemical compound that reacts with the heat of the wire to create a large burst of heat and pressure that ensures ignition. Never misfire again!

Weight 1.014 lbs
Dimensions 7.6 × 7.3 × 5.7 in