RX-78 02 Gundam "Gundam The Origin", Bandai MG

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We got a Metal Composite of this incredible design, but now there’s finally something for all the model builders out there! This stunning rendition of the original Gundam features a mold chock full of gimmicks and panel lines for extra detailing, and all the classic weapons have been redesigned for this updated release! It comes with the beam rifle, hyper bazooka, shield, Origin beam rifle and shoulder cannon!


  • Its pelvis slides with four degrees of freedom, its ankles are redesigned for added stability and flexibility, and its range of mobility redefines what models are capable of
  • Fixed weaponry like its chest-mounted vulcan uses clear parts in places for added impact on display
  • Its armament also includes its shoulder cannon and more, and an LED unit (sold separately) can illuminate its camera eye
  • Master Grade 1/100 Scale (~180mm, ~7-8 inches)
  • Many small pieces; models take up to 10 hours to complete
  • Posable and flexible for display
  • Improved proportions, internal structures, and movements
  • May need some paint details, decals included