RC8B4e Team Kit




1:8 scale off road racing is one of the hobby’s most challenging disciplines; it requires a high standard and demands attention to detail. The latest development to come from Associated Electrics’ Area 51 is designed to push boundaries of performance and build upon the number of accolades accumulated by the RC8 series.

RC8B4e Kit Features

  • Innovative front-end geometry with reduced inclined kingpin steering blocks are paired with a new wider upper suspension arm pivot for improved steering balance and predictable handling in all conditions
  • New gearboxes are specific to front and rear with larger 6x13x5 mm flanged bearing sizes resulting in longer life of ring and pinion gears. The front gearbox has an inclined pinion gear angle to straighten the center driveshaft for increased drivetrain efficiency and reduced phasing and vibration while the rear gearbox remains flat.
  • Front and rear suspension arms engineered to accommodate a wide range of flex and stiffnesses
  • One-piece anti-roll bar links mounted in-line with anti-roll bar with BHC for simplified assembly
  • Front upper arm includes a unique optional molded “wing” insert for increased front-end downforce
  • New rear wing mount has adjustable wing angle shims, significant strength improvements, an aerodynamic shape, and extra clearance for shock position adjustment
  • The adjustable rear wing has more vertical fins for increased straight-line stability, a taller rear wicker lip height for increased downforce and increased strength in various areas to reduce bending fatigue
  • New rear chassis brace is mounted centrally to the gearbox, which reduces material fatigue, centralizes shear forces, and improves the life of rear end drivetrain parts while allowing for three different chassis flex options
  • New rear hub features a symmetrical left and right common design with axle height inserts for adjustable roll center tuning
  • New captured CVA drive shafts design front and rear with center dogbone driveline
  • New chassis layout featuring two shorty-style only battery configurations. Both configurations include a centrally mounted center differential and in-line center driveshafts for superior drivetrain efficiency and equalized chassis balance.
  • Battery configurations are: Two 2S shorty “saddle pack” for lowest CG and exceptional weight bias, or one 4S shorty for simplified setup and more centralized weight bias
  • New RC8B4e specific side guards are narrower and feature integrated wire routing clips
  • +2° steering block arms
  • V3 differentials with 42T ring and 12T pinion gears for improved gear ratios
  • RC8B3.2 split center diff mounts with aluminum center top plate
  • 16mm shocks equipped with locking spring cups and rod ends in improved material, V2 springs, ‘stiff’ style shock bladder, combination bleeder/emulsion caps, and blue aluminum threaded collars
  • RC8B3.2 narrow C and D arm mounts


Improved Wing

Wing has vertical fins and a taller rear lip for increased straightline stability and downforce.



Improved Wing Mount

Wing mount features adjustability with angle shims, strength improvements, and aerodynamic shape.



Improved Differentials

Front and rear differential designs are engineered for better drivetrain efficiency.



Improved Saybar and Axles

One-piece anti-roll bar link. New "stub" CVA axle with retainer sleeve and 93mm CVA bones.



Improved Suspension Arms

Front and rear suspension arms engineered with optimal flex and stiffness.



New Chassis Brace

New rear chassis brace is mounted centrally to the gearbox, which reduces material fatigue.



Flexible Battery Tray

New chassis layout features 2 possible battery configurations: Two 2S Shorty LiPo's or One 4S Shorty LiPo.



Center Driveline

Inline center driveshafts and center diff for superior drivetrain efficiency.



Improved Shocks

16mm shocks equipped with improved material for locking spring cups and camber link rod ends.



Improved Front Geometry

Innovative front-end geometry and new 8-Degree kingpin steering blocks.


Weight 31.5 lbs
Dimensions 21.3 × 20.7 × 14.7 in