Ranger 1800mm PNP with Reflex




The FMS Ranger has quickly become well known amongst R/C pilots. Beginners love it for the simple assembly as well as its stable and predictable handling characteristics while experts love the Ranger as a weekend flyer with mild aerobatic capabilities. The screw-together assembly is very straight-forward and easy to put together.

So what could be better than the 1200mm Ranger? Well, a 50% larger 1800mm Ranger, of course! While quite a bit bigger, the 1800mm Ranger is still true to its roots – take off within 10ft and cruise at 1/3 throttle with the flaps down. STOL is in its DNA.

With a patented spring–cushioned nose gear and robust metal main landing gears, the 1800mm Ranger will absorb just about any landing impact. The durable, oversized wheels are designed specifically for rough field operations.

With landing lights, nav lights and strobes, the 1800mm Ranger is realistic and could fly well into the dusk. Optional floats add to the all-terrain fun of the Ranger.


  • Power: Brushless 3541-750KV outrunner provides ample power, while the high quality 45A ESC has the output to match.
  • CNC metal landing gear absorbs even the hardest landings
  • Oversized wheels for all-terrain operations
  • STOL capable flight characteristics and excellent low speed handling
  • Realistic light set – Navigation lights, landing lights and strobes
  • Screw-together assembly
  • Optional floats
  • Functional flaps

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Weight 12.31 lbs
Dimensions 46.5 × 16.2 × 12.5 in