O.S. FS-64V (61T2) with F-4051 Silencer




Increased Stoke

By increasing the stroke, not only propellers of 12×7-8 and 13×6 sizes, but also propellers with large loads (13×7-8, 14×6) can be used without any loss of power.



Cylinder Design

A newly designed cylinder head is adopted along with the increased displacement. The internal capacity of the combustion chamber has been expanded to achieve more realistic 4-stroke exhaust sound and more power.



F-4051 Silencer

The F-4051 silencer, which is a unique design of the FS-V series, has revised the internal dimensions and improved the exhaust efficiency while maintaining the comfortable 4-stroke sound.



Drive Washer

The drive washer has been changed to a machined aluminum with a woodruff key. Additional standard equipment is set if lock nuts that prevents the propeller from coming off.


Weight 1.3906 lbs
Dimensions 7.7 × 6.0 × 4.0 in