MG 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode

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Bandai just wasn’t satisfied with ONE Strike Freedom MG so they had to go make another, and what an amazing kit it turned out to be! This full burst mode special version box comes packed with the same MG kit as the normal version of MG Strike Freedom Gundam, except that this special box include gold coating parts, Dragoon effect parts, a special clear blue base stand, and a clear illustration poster of Strike Freedom vs. Destiny. Clear stands for each Dragoon are included, which can be attached to the special base stand so you can display them being sent flying out to their targets. Stickers and custom decal markings are included to detail-up the completed Strike Freedom Gundam kit. Clear off a lot of shelf space and add this to your collection!


  • Master Grade 1/100 Scale (~180mm, ~7-8 inches)
  • Many small pieces; models take up to 10 hours to complete
  • Posable and flexible for display
  • Improved proportions, internal structures, and movements
  • May need some paint details, decals included