MG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarms Ew Ver.

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Gundam Heavyarms as it appears in the Endless Waltz: The Glory of Losers manga is here as a Master Grade kit! Among its many gimmicks are fully articulated missile pod hatches, so you can open or close as many of them as you want! It comes with new, redesigned weapons like the shield and knife, which Mr. Katoki specially arranged for this MG kit. The gatling gun has a bullet tank mounted on the kit’s back that provides bullets through the ribbon cable to the gun. Of course, the kit comes with a Trowa Barton figure as well! Complete your teen angst squad today!


  • Heavyarms EW is the refined version of the Heavyarms you saw in the TV show, designed by Katoki Hajime.
  • Hatch gimmicks on missile pods allow for the re-creation of many poses.
  • The army knife on its right arm can be folded or unfolded, and also detached.
  • Katoki-designed markings and details are also featured.
  • 13 Runners, 1 Foil sticker sheet, 1 Tetron sticker sheet, 1 Gundam decal sheet, 1 Wire, Instruction manual