MG 1/100 Gundam AgeII Magnum

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Alright, we’re a little surprised here. After YEARS of people clamoring for more Build Fighters MG kits, they’re coming back, but the first release is a Build Divers suit! The Age II Magnum is joining the MG line complete with the full suite of transforming gimmicks that it shared with the original Age-2 Normal! New enhancements have been made in the waist to ensure stability despite the transformation gimmick and new effect parts have been added in the shoulders to make this even sharper than the original–literally!

Kyoya Kujo’s Age II Magnum arrives as a Master Grade. It has a shoulder mold to increase its strength and new hip locking mechanisms to keep the legs stable in both MS and Phoenix Mode. Runner x 23, Sticker Sheet x 1, Display Stand x 1 and Manual x 1


  • Plastic nipper
  • Panel liner
  • Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear
  • You don’t need cement.
  • You don’t need paint.
  • Recommended for 15 years & up
  • Weight 1.856 lbs
    Dimensions 15.375 × 12.125 × 3.125 in