Kid Buu "Dragon Ball Z" Figure-rise Standard

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The ultimate final showdown! At last, key additions have been made to the series! It’s Kid Buu! Using a muscle build system to accurately construct the muscular Dragon Ball character’s physique, you can display this figure in a variety of poses! Display this along with Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku and recreate iconic fight scenes! Set includes two types of face parts, wrists (vanishing ball), vanishing ball effect, and Kikoha effect.


  • There is no self-control, the existence of evil itself, Majin Bou (pure) appears in the long-awaited figure-rise Standard!
  • Massive physical shaping that makes you feel the overwhelming power condensed in a small body
  • Face parts that reproduce colorful expression changes of Majin Boo (pure) comes with two types of normal / evil! Detailed changes in eyes and mouth, skillfully shaping evil expression, high quality degree of completion!
  • Reproduce the red eyes that glitter in jet black with facial expression technology by part assembly without misregistering!
  • A huge ballistic effect of Qigong waves and burnishing balls is also included
  • Weight 0.562 lbs
    Dimensions 11.625 × 7.375 × 2.25 in