HGUC Loto Twin Set 1/144 Model Kit

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  • From “Mobile Suit Gundam UC,” two small heteromorphic MS lots come up with a set!
  • The shoulder sensor, Long Cannon, and Mega Machine Cannon are included. Able to be changed after assembling. Tank mode also available.
  • Smallest in HGUC, with approximately 85mm, it can fully transform into the tank mode.
  • D-50C Loto: The MS used by the Special Forces Unit [ECOAS], brought in by Nahel Argama.
  • With a height of 12.2m, it’s quite small as an MS, and has the ability to transform into tank mode. After arrival, communication equipments were fully prepared, for it to function as the Command center.
  • Its development was carried out by the Battle strategy research lab of the Marines (Sanaly), and this data was passed on the other small MS development.