Going Merry

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Going Merry, the sailing ship included in the animation One Piece, has been faithfully reproduced!

It is a fantastic plastic model from Bandai! Now with a realistically muted paint job to complement this model’s crisp details, the Going Merry measures 11 inches long upon completion; all you need to do is pop in her masts, bridge and Merry’s distinctive head.


  • Runner x11, Water slide decal x1, Marking sticker x1, Foil sticker x1, Nylon cord x1, Instruction manual
  • Going Merry, the sailing ship included in the animation ONE PIECE, faithfully reproduced.
  • Not to scale, approximately 280mm long.
  • The wood grain of the ship, the knots of the ropes, the wrinkles of the canvas have been reproduced.
  • The figures of the Straw Hat Pirates are included.
  • Includes small parts necessary for a pirate ship such as a cannon, anchor, barrel and so on.
  • By using different materials for the ropes of each area, both ease of assembling and reality go together.
  • The position of the anchor can be changed. You can express both at anchor and underway by changing it.