Apex2 Sport, Nissan Z RTR




Designed for true enthusiasts, this highly detailed and fun-to-drive Ready-to-Run RC car is built on the budget-friendly Apex2 Sport chassis. Every detail of the Nissan Z car has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of its full-sized counterpart. From the sleek lines of the body to the performance-oriented chassis, Team Associated’s Area 51 applied their engineering expertise to create a true replica of the iconic sports car.

The Apex2 Sport chassis provides exceptional stability and control. The front and rear independent suspension with coil-over shocks ensures smooth handling and precise cornering, while the active rear toe give the Apex2 Sport the ultimate in handling on uneven tarmac. Team Associated's Nissan Z car is a must-have for RC car enthusiasts who crave the excitement and performance of Nissan's iconic sports car.


  • Steel dog bones and drive axles
  • Sealed front and rear gear differentials
  • Adjustable hook and loop battery straps
  • Injection-molded brake calipers and rotors
  • Aluminum motor plate
  • Adjustable shock mounting locations
  • Bolt-on steering plates
  • Molded one-piece tie rods and steering links
  • Adjustable body post height locations
  • Plastic tub main chassis
  • POM-filled injection molded pivot balls
  • Oilite bushings

The Power of the 2023 Nissan Z

I had one. I have one. I will have one. For every enthusiast there is a time when the call is too great to resist. Since 1969, Nissan has been rewriting the rules of sports cars. The distinct styling, the relentless thrust of six cylinders pointing that long nose toward the horizon, a responsive suspension, a cockpit that wraps around you, and jaw-dropping looks – the Nissan Z has always been an enthusiast’s dream come true.

People are naturally inclined to want to win, so performance will always be important. Nissan will always continue that as a goal. It’s all about creating that Z heritage total balance — excitement, performance, pure and true. That’s the power of the Nissan Z.

Video Overview



Independent Suspension

For better handling, A-arm front and rear independent suspension keeps the Apex2 chassis under control during the closest of racing conditions.



Coil-Over Shocks

Coil-over shocks absorbers smooth out the bumps when ripping around the track.




The Apex2 Sport comes equipped with Reedy SC500X programmable brushed ESC with T-Plug connector and Reedy's 550 15-turn 3-slot motor.



Chassis Layout

Redesigned chassis layout allows for either a shorty or standard battery configuration to be used for maximum performance or runtime.



Active Rear Suspension

Active rear suspension allows the amount of toe change to be adjusted through the suspension cycle, increasing or decreasing rear grip.



Sealed Center Driveline

A sealed center driveline keeps dirt and debris out for smooth and reliable power delivery.



Brake Calipers

Injection-molded brake calipers and rotors gives the Apex2 Sport chassis scale looks.



Radial Tires

Race-inspired radial tires wrapped around 1.9" wheels gives the Nizzan Z plenty of traction on the track.