#18 00 Raiser "Gundam 00", Bandai RG

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After the wildly popular Exia Real Grade, it was only a matter of time until the successor came out! This kit adopts the same sophisticated joint structure of the Exia without losing the distinctive look of the 00 Gundam! The 0 Raiser is also equipped with a full array of slide mechanisms to make sure it fits onto the kit or can be kept as a separate support fighter, and it’s sleek design is based on real stealth fighters! The full array of GN Swords is also included, and each can be attached at the waist or held for dynamic posing.


  • Advanced MS Joint
  • The Luster of metal, which is hard to get with paint, is produced with the realistic decals. The glitter of the inner side of the GN Condenser is re-created with them
  • 00 Raiser has movable functions such as a slide mechanism of the wings.
  • The movable structure for circular movement is used to re-create the cloak-and-sword action
  • The GN Drive is detachable. The particle storage tank can be re-created.
  • Includes various marking stickers, Runner x12, Realistic decal x1, Instruction manual x1
  • Real Grade 1/144 Scale (~125mm, 5~6 inches)
  • Many small pieces; models take up to 5 hours to complete
  • Posable and flexible for display
  • Precise parts and textures
  • No paint needed, some decals included
  • Weight 1.18 lbs
    Dimensions 12.125 × 7.5 × 3.25 in