#146 GM Sniper II "Gundam 0080", Bandai HGUC

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GM Sniper II
2 Beam Sabers
Sniper Rifle
Bullpup Machine Gun
Right Trigger hand (normal)
Right trigger hand (Sniper Rifle)
Left open hand
RH-35E Riah 35 Draken-E
Arms (Riah forces)
Arms (Worker)


  • Shoulder parts can be pulled out for extra frontwards articulation.
  • Pelvis joint can swing forwards/backwards.
  • Arms and Legs feature double-jointed elbow/knee parts for a wider range of articulation.
  • The head unit’s visor can flip down.
  • Beam Saber hilts can optionally detach from the rear waist.
  • The shield can be attached in two ways with the L-shaped adapter.
  • Draken-E can be built into either Riah Forces or Worker types.