1/25 Fast & Furious F-150 SVT Lightning




  • Custom body "aero" package
  • Supercharged V-8 engine and detailed chassis
  • Molded in white, transparent red and clear with soft black tires.


In the first movie “The Fast and the Furious”, Brian O’Connor’s Ford F-150 SVT Lightning remains one of the most remembered vehicles of The Fast & Furious Saga. Brian used the truck while working at The Racer’s Edge delivering automotive parts and while he was working undercover as “Brian Earl Spilner”, a Los Angeles police officer. The Lightning is a limited edition F-150 that features a special handling suspension and high performance 4.6 V-8 pumping out over 300 horsepower.

Weight 0.907 lbs
Dimensions 9.4 × 6.7 × 4.4 in