1/24 AX24 XC-1 4WS Crawler Brushed RTR, Green




  • Three 4-wheel steering (4WS) modes give drivers new terrain conquering ability.
  • Side plate chassis allows greater articulation for improved handling over rough terrain.
  • LED rock lights mounted in the rock sliders keep your path visible in low light.
  • Long travel coilover shocks keep wheels on the ground to maximize traction.
  • 4-Link front and rear suspension reduces axle steer and torque twist.
  • Front and rear lockers with worm gear setup increase ground clearance.
  • Steel front and rear axles, stub axles, and dog bones provide strength.
  • Splined and sleeved drive shafts increase suspension travel.
  • Hinged body system offers easy access to on-board components.
  • Rockster wheels and Rock Lizards tires produce trail-taming traction.
  • No bushings — entire vehicle features sealed bearings.
  • Dynamite 88T motor provides the torque to conquer steep climbs.
  • Fully equipped — you can hit the trails almost immediately!


Every weekend, groups of off-road rock crawling enthusiasts gather to follow trails toward destinations far removed from the modern world. Their journey's end will reward them with beautiful views that only a select few ever see. But the best memories are made during the journey itself.

Within this community are the extreme crawlers. Where others see rocks, roots, and barriers, they see puzzle pieces that form a line to maneuver up, over, and beyond. It doesn't matter if most people would have trouble getting through on foot, let alone on wheels. Extreme crawlers have such a deep connection to their rig that they know when it can be pushed to new limits.

The 1/24 scale Axial AX24 XC-1 speaks to the extreme crawlers, and to everyone who wants to be one. With the AX24 XC-1, you'll be able to crawl over bigger obstacles and pull tougher lines than you can with any other 1/24 scale rig.

The new AX24 platform provides stability, durability, high clearance, generous articulation, and everything else extreme rock crawling enthusiasts need to overcome the impossible. Flat chassis side plates with rock sliders help you move through tight formations. Long travel shocks, a 4-link suspension, and worm gear drivetrain combine for easy handling, dependable power delivery, and the ability to clear rough terrain.

Then there's the unique AX24 4-wheel steering system. Following tightly to the line that leads from "here" to "there" has never been easier. Three transmitter-activated steering modes — for no rear tire input, mirrored rear tire input, or "crab crawl" — provide the flexibility you need to maneuver over or around almost anything in your way. This system gives all drivers new terrain conquering ability!

In 2007, Axial broke new ground in extreme RC crawling with the 1/10 scale AX10. If you're a long-time Axial fan, you'll love how the AX24 XC-1 pays homage to that legendary rig with a replica body and livery plus Rockster wheels and Rock Lizards tires.

The AX24 XC-1 isn't just for experienced RC rock crawling hobbyists (though you'll enjoy how it takes on even steeper inclines and bigger obstacles than our SCX24 platform rigs). Newcomers will find it to be a fun and highly capable mini crawler to run on indoor or outdoor courses. It's also a great way for full-scale off roading enthusiasts to exercise and refine their skills.

Get ready to push past boundaries and conquer more trails with the Axial AX24 XC-1 Rock Crawler RTR. Because it's fully assembled and equipped, you can start today.

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The unique AX24 4-wheel steering system gives all drivers new terrain conquering ability. Three transmitter-activated modes — no rear tire input, mirrored rear tire input, and "crab crawl" — provide the flexibility you need to maneuver over or around anything in your way.




The durable side plate chassis is engineered to allow high clearance and generous articulation. Angled rock sliders also help you maneuver past rocks, roots, ledges, and other large obstacles. Driving the AX24 XC-1, you go where you want to go!




LED rock lights mounted in the rock sliders keep your path visible in low light. You'll be able to see and surmount obstacles you might not otherwise spot. Day or night, the AX24 XC-1 keeps your adventure alive.




Longer, 51mm coilover shocks are new for the AX24 platform. Mounted at a lay back angle in the side plate chassis, they allow increased articulation to keep the wheels on the ground and maximizing traction over uneven surfaces.




The suspension geometry uses a 4-link design that works together with the AX24 side plate chassis to increase articulation and reduce axle steer and torque twist.




The front and rear axle housings each have a worm screw and worm gear setup to get power to the axles and create higher ground clearance.




Steel front and rear axles, stub axles and dog bones provide the strength and durability needed to keep running with confidence during tough climbs and over rough trails.




The drive shafts are splined and sleeved to allow for maximum suspension travel while keeping the power to the wheels.




The hinged body system provides fast, easy access to on-board components. Its hook-and-loop hinge design lets you reach the chassis and battery simply by swinging the body up.




In 2007, the 1/10 scale Axial AX10 platform revolutionized RC crawling. The 1/24 scale AX24 XC-1 pays homage to that groundbreaking rig with a replica body and livery, plus 1.0" Rockster wheels and 2.44" Rock Lizards tires for nostalgic looks and trail-taming traction.




Although the AX24 is smaller than many other Axial RC crawlers, it still measures up to our highest quality standards. For example, you'll find no bushings here. The drivetrain spins freely on sealed bearings throughout the entire vehicle.




Axial AS-1 servos are mounted just above the axle, with servo savers that allow for steering accuracy while protecting the servo gears in the event of a bind or impact.




The Dynamite 88T brushed electric motor provides the right amount of torque to conquer steep climbs. It's mated to a stamped aluminum motor mount to keep flex to a minimum and protect the gears.




The included Spektrum SLT3 transmitter is ergonomically designed for fatigue-free driving and has a foam wheel for precise fingertip control. Paired with a Spektrum 2-in-1 ESC/Receiver, its 2.4GHz signal lets you crawl in the company of multiple other rigs without worrying about interference. A new throttle port serves as an ESC bypass for using aftermarket ESCs without having to buy a new receiver.



Weight 2.35 lbs
Dimensions 9.8 × 9.7 × 6.6 in