1/16 RC Caterpillar 320 Hydraulic Excavator




  • Genuine Caterpillar® Yellow paint, a color
    available only to licensees of Caterpillar Inc.
  • New updated Modern Hex trade dress.
  • All decoration and nomenclature elements on the
    model are taken from real machine films provided
    by Caterpillar.
  • Working grapple and hammer.
  • Individual boom, stick and bucket movements
    follow the real 320.
  • Exacting track control for forward, reverse and
    steering actions.
  • 360 degree rotation on axis allows realistic dig,
    carry and dump operations.
  • Sound package mimics engine; track
    movements; swing movements; boom, stick and
    bucket movements.
  • Precision cut metal gear set.
  • Machined roll-screw, ball bearing transmission.
  • Heavy diecast metal bucket and hammer tool.
  • Model weight: 2.8kg, nearly 6½ pounds.
  • Efficient motors and deep-draw battery
    provide a full hour of play time.
  • Battery recharges in three hours using
    supplied USB cable.


Place your hands on the realistically presented RC controls. You will instantly feel the power and precision that have made Caterpillar the world’s largest and most respected name in earthmoving!

Weight 11.95 lbs
Dimensions 24.8 × 15.9 × 10.4 in