1/1000 Gamiras Ship Set4 Hizerato & Deramere Class

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Here’s another highly-detailed set of Garmillas Warships from Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (Star Blazers 2199)! This set includes three separate models, including the Haizerad-class Astro Battleship and the Delameya-class amphibious assault ship. The third is a bonus mecha collection unit!


  • Haizerad-class star fleet is 392mm long. Delameya-class amphibious assault ship is 150mm long.
  • To match Delameya-class fleet that is loaded with a combat vehicle in the bows, it comes with “Melbar M-III type armored personnel carrier” and “Salbar S-VI type heavy tank” of the same scale.
  • The bonus mecha collection is “Reconnaissance plane FG156 Smarhi”.
  • Runner x11, Sticker x1, Slide mark x1, Instruction manual x1