1/10 Trail Finder 2 RTR w/Chevrolet Blazer Body – Rust Bucket




  • Custom Rust Painted Chevy Blazer Body
  • K44 Ultimate Scale Cast Axles
  • R3 Scale Single Speed Transmission
  • Center Mounted Hammer Transfer Case
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 45T
  • Twister High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo
  • Outcry III Waterproof ESC
  • RC4WD 6-Cell 30000mAh NiMH Battery Pack
  • Superlift Superide 80mm Scale Shock Absorbers
  • RC4WD Mickey Thompson 1.9" Baja Claw 4.19" Scale Tires
  • RC4WD Mickey Thompson Classic Lock 1.9" Internal Beadlock Wheels
  • RC4WD Marlin Crawler Side Plastic Sliders For Trail Finder 2
  • RC4WD Push Bar For RC4WD Chevy K5 Front Bumper
  • XR3 3-Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter / Receiver Radio
  • RC4WD Universal NiMH Peak Battery Charger


This RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR w/Chevrolet Blazer Body Set (Rust Bucket Edition) is a raw and gritty RC Truck! This set combines an exclusive licensed Chevrolet hard body with our ever popular TF2 Chassis. The Rust Bucket Edition RTR comes hand painted, meaning no two models share the same exterior design! Notice the attention to detail on the paint job with its realistic rust color and textured finish. Made to capture the aspects of a resto-mod, this model mimics the looks of a truck you might find parked in a junkyard or abandoned barn, while running on modern parts.

Check out the enhanced detail with its officially licensed Mickey Thompson wheels and tires. The RC4WD Mickey Thompson Classic Lock 1.9" Internal Beadlock Wheels are CNC machined and topped with Mickey Thompson Classic Lock Caps. The RC4WD Mickey Thompson 1.9" Baja Claw 4.19" Scale Tires are made of our super soft, super sticky X2 SS Compound and come standard with molded sidewall details. Adding to the rugged appeal, our RC4WD Push Bar comes mounted in the front and completely transforms the look of this RC Truck! This Rust Bucket Edition RTR is guaranteed to fulfill any RC enthusiast with a passion for scale realism. Do not hesitate! Own this one of a kind RC and enjoy its rough, retro style now!


Scale Details

This Trail Finder 2 RTR comes with a unique, custom painted Chevrolet Blazer hard body. The Blazer body features an awesome assortment of scale details including mirrors, door handles and grill to look like it's full size counterpart.



Custom Painted

The Rust Bucket Edition Blazer comes in durable hard plastic and features a custom painted body to resemble a weathered rust effect. To add to the overall look, a custom weathered RC4WD Off-Road Customs design is applied to both doors.



Dismountable Roof

The Chevrolet Blazer Body Set includes a dismountable roof. You can now change the style by mounting or dismounting the roof, adjusting to your own preference!



Chrome Plated Parts

The crisp lines and bold details are all captured. Chrome plated parts are included as well as colored lenses for all signal lights. All lamps can be illuminated with minimum modifications.



Shock Absorbers

The TF2 RTR includes Superlift Superide 80mm Scale Shock Absorbers. These ultimate scale shock absorbers offer realistic looks and the ultimate in performance. They are machined from billet aluminum with internal springs and are rebuildable.



Tires and Wheels

This truck includes a set of RC4WD Mickey Thompson Classic Lock 1.9" Internal Beadlock Wheels and the included RC4WD Mickey Thompson 1.9” Baja Claw 4.19” Scale Tires deliver the perfect amount of traction!



XR3 3-Channel Radio

The TF2 Chassis includes a high quality XR3 3 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio System. Expanding user experience, this radio system comes with a total of three radio positions!



Everything's Included!

It's ALL in the box! Everything you need is provided to get you on the trails today!


Weight 16.05 lbs
Dimensions 27.6 × 13.7 × 11.6 in