1/10 Enduro Ecto Trail Truck, Green RTR LiPo Combo



What makes the Enduro Ecto Trail Truck special?

The Gatekeeper Suspension package (GKS)! The GKS package consists of rear trailing arms that move the shocks forward, allowing a larger window for shock tuning and providing improved weight bias. The trailing arms are paired with a rear anti-roll bar for a more stable and consistent suspension when crawling on the rocks. An adjustable aluminum track bar mount firmly bolted to the chassis rail gives the Enduro Ecto more reliable and responsive steering without the flex. Our shock mount inserts with multiple mounting positions allow for precise suspension tuning, whether they’re moving the shocks up, down, forward, or back.


  • Adjustable front track bar
  • Steel 25T servo horn
  • Metal ball bearings included
  • Heavy duty 5mm diameter steel links
  • Machined steel top shaft
  • Metal ring gear
  • Machined input pinion gear
  • Splined front axle with adjustable caster

Element RC Enduro Ecto RTR



Aluminum Track Bar Mount

The GKS package includes an aluminum track bar mount bolted directly to the steel frame rail, making the front suspension more rigid and flex-free with a more precise steering feel.



Front Bumper

Adjustable injection-molded front bumper, fairlead, and mock winch.



Reedy Power Crawler Motor

The Reedy Power 5-slot 14-turn 550 sized brushed crawler motor provides ample torque with a smooth power delivery. This allows for sloq, precise acceleration while maintaining consistant power over rough terrain and obsticals.



Reed Power Electronic Speed Controller

The water-resistant SC480X brushed ESC is specifically programmed for crawling with proportional foward/reverse, dual auxiliary power output leads, LiPo low-voltage cutoff protections, and T-plug connector.



Trailing Arm Rear Suspension

This design moves the shocks foward, thus improving weight bias. This allows for a larger window for shock tuning and an optimized anti-roll bar mounting position.



Shock Mount Inserts

GKS shock mount inserts provide drivers with the ability to tune shock angle, droop and vehicle ride height without affecting spring preload.


Weight 23.6 lbs
Dimensions 24.6 × 23.9 × 13.9 in