1/10 Carbon Assault 4WD Monster Truck Kit




  • CNC Machined 2MM Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • CNC Billet Aluminum Chassis Braces & Skid Plates
  • CNC Billet Aluminum Axle Tubes & Trusses
  • AX-2 Speed Transmission
  • RC4WD Wide D44 Front & Rear Axles
  • Adjustable Front & Rear Sway Bars
  • King Off-Road Racing Dual Spring Shocks
  • Lexan Monster Truck Body w/ Complete Decal Sheet
  • Dual Electronics Mounting Plate
  • Servo Mount for D44 Wide Axles
  • CNC Machined Trailing Arms
  • RC4WD Plastic Punisher Shaft V2


Behold, RC4WD’s first ever Racing Monster Truck, the Carbon Assault! Created with premium parts and boundless customization, it uses proven suspension geometry and a light-weight carbon fiber chassis coupled with rugged CNC billet aluminum chassis components. The Carbon Assault Builder's Kit is only limited by your creativity, a great starting point for any builder looking for a high performance monster truck kit.

The Carbon Assault Monster Truck incorporates a chassis with multiple suspension mounts for various arrangements, suspension links that mimic dimensions of proven setups and a robust AX2 2-Speed transmission with hardened steel gears and a second gear for increased speed. The box includes 1 body and a complete sticker sheet featuring the epic Carbon Assault Logo.

The Carbon Assault has components and features never seen on a monster truck kit before. This truck is loaded with premium parts and will give hours of fun and a superior platform for the advanced builder.


King Off-Road Racing Shocks

The officially licensed King Off-Road Racing Shocks are the most realistic scale shocks on the market. They feature CNC billet aluminum, faux piggyback reservoirs and can be oil-filled. The finish is polished aluminum with blue anodized details and laser etched King Off-Road Racing Shocks logos. Optional spring sets are available from RC4WD for even more tuning.



Sway Bars

The front and rear sway bars come standard on this chassis. They are milled from billet aluminum and can be mounted in two different locations for maximum tuning.



Suspension Arms

The upper and lower suspension arms are mounted to a CNC center skid plate. The links are made from Billet aluminum featuring our robust M4 size rod ends. The lower suspension arms have recessed rod ends for added durability.



AX2 2-Speed Transmission

The Carbon Assault comes with the AX2 2-Speed Transmission, a battle-tested design that consists of a CNC alloy case and hardened steel gears with a first and second gear shift setting to set to your preference. The machined delrin spur gear and slipper pad help prevent damage to the gears which will keep your truck running longer.



D44 Wide Axles

The RC4WD Plastic D44 Wide Front and Rear Axles feature a center rear diff housing for a more realistic look. The front axle has 8 degree knuckles, adjustable caster, removable diff covers, hardened steel gears and XVD axles. RC4WD also offers a differential gear set for the D44 axles.



Aluminum CNC Axles

The axles come with upgraded CNC axle trusses and aluminum axle tubes. By using aluminum instead of plastic, we can ensure these components stand up to the rigorous demands of a racing monster truck.






Mounting options

The chassis features inward and outward mounting options for the shocks and the sway bars. This is made possible by eight CNC shock mounts, each with 3 different mounting positions. The sway bars are mounted by small aluminum stays keeping them firmly attached.


Weight 7.05 lbs
Dimensions 21.6 × 8.8 × 8.6 in