1/10 Apex2 Hoonicorn RTR LiPo Combo




A person who operates a motor vehicle in an aggressive and unorthodox manner, consisting of, but not limited to, drifting, burnouts, doughnuts, as well as acts of automotive aeronautics. One who hoons.


  • Injection molded brake calipers and rotors
  • 2.4GHz 2-channel radio system
  • Reedy brushed speed control and 3-slot brushed motor
  • Water-resistant, enclosed receiver box
  • Steel dog bones and drive axles
  • Sealed front and rear gear differentials
  • Adjustable hook and loop battery straps
  • Full metal ball bearings
  • Aluminum motor plate
  • Adjustable shock mounting locations

Apex2 Hoonicorn

The engineers at Team Associated spent countless hours capturing many of the details synonymous with the 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonigan Hoonicorn. Features including officially licensed American Racing VF503 Wheels, rear diffuser, molded intake and turbos, scale brake rotors, and more!

The Hoonigan Hoonicorn Apex2 chassis is equipped with the latest features for on road racing. A front and rear independent suspension with threaded, oil-filled shocks and active rear toe give the Apex2 the ultimate in handling on an uneven tarmac. This makes it a perfect platform for the Hoonicorn and tire-shredding action!

Team Associated's Hoonigan Hoonicorn



G-10 Chassis

2.5mm thick G-10 chassis for increased durability and performance.




Threaded, oil-filled shocks smooth out the bumps when ripping down the tarmac and shredding tires.



Metal Differentials

The Apex2 chassis is equipped with metal ring and pinion gears for long-lasting durability that can handle tire-slaying burn-outs.



Superior Suspension

For Better handling, A-arm front and rear independant suspension keeps the Hoonicorn under control during the wildest of driving conditions.



Hoonicorn Body

Officially licensed Hoonigan 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn body.



Wheels and Tires

Officially licensed American Racing VF503 Wheels and high traction tires.



Reedy SC500X ESC

Reedy SC500X programmable brushed ESC is included with vehicle.



Reedy Sport 550 Motor

Reedy Sport 550 15-turn 3-slot brushes motor is paired with the SC500X ESC for maximum speed and performance.



Sealed Center Driveline

A sealed center driveline keeps dirst and debris out–along with bits of tire rubber–for smooth and reliable power delivery.



Active Rear Suspension

Active rear suspension allows the amount of toe change to be adjusted through the suspension cycle, increasing or decreasing rear grip.


Weight 36.05 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 23.0 × 17.75 in